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Jonesboro, Arkansas  (April 2014) – Relativity, Inc. is proud to announce the launch and nationwide release of a revolutionary app, QuikTip. QuikTip allows its user to anonymously send a message directly to the hosting agency, usually a 911 Dispatch Center, at any time.

QuikTip’s innovative, multi-platform, multi-point notification model, provides users with a simple and easy to use communication tool. This app has the potential to save lives by allowing the hosting organization access to first-hand information which quickly passes to the appropriate agency.

If someone is seen bullying, drinking underage, using drugs illegally or in harm’s way, then anyone with the QuikTip app can send a tip directly to the local hosting agency. The tip is then forwarded to law enforcement and addressed accordingly. Hosting agencies are able to chat directly with tip providers, but with the anonymous feature, the person sharing is not identifiable.

QuikTip provides young people an app in a medium they are familiar with, and provides them with anonymity. QuikTip provides additional functionality beyond that found in similar apps by allowing users to register for emergency notification (i.e. weather warnings, road closings, active shooter alerts, etc.).

Additionally, the hosting agency will be provided with a log so they can focus their prevention messages on the most prevalent problems in their area. QuikTip provides tip metrics and other reports.  For agencies using Relativity’s rps-CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), the tips flow directly into the system for quick and easy assignment to officers.

Relativity Inc. is thrilled to announce that the first QuikTip installation goes live on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 and is hosted by the White County, AR 911 Dispatch Center.

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