QuikTips for Local Government

Improve community safety with QuikTip

  • Maintenance issues = potential dangers = potential liabilities
  • Pothole, Shoulder Washout, Other Roadway Hazards
  • Bent or Damaged Stop or other traffic control sign
  • Non-functional traffic signal light
  • Suspicious or Threatening Behavior
  • Roadway Debris

Improve community engagement

Citizens like to participate in making their community a better place, but most either don’t know how, or don’t have the time to figure out where to report issues.  With QuikTip, they don’t have to look up a number or go to a website.  They simple text their tip with option picture(s) and it goes directly to a tip administrator or dispatcher who can make a rapid determination and instantly forward the tip to the appropriate department for processing.  Department personnel can then communicate with the tipster anonymously to request more info, or simply to thank them for the tip and report the resolution.




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